What’s New In Fall Guys Season 1: Season Pass, Show-Bucks, And More


What’s New In Fall Guys Season 1: Season Pass, Show-Bucks, And More

Fall Guys is doing a full reset with loads of new content for newcomers and veterans alike.

Fall Guys : Free Unlimited Show-Bucks On Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC ( NEW )

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There is A LOT of new and awesome content in this Season, and i cover it ALL in this video! I have not included any of the maps though since that will require it own video (out soon).

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Intro – 0:00
New UI – 0:15
New challenges – 0:57
Free Battlepass – 3:00
Premium Battlepass – 6:38
(Battlepass for free-to-play players will go up to level 100, but you can’t get everything)
New Voice Chat – 10:40
New Show – 11:11
Custom Servers Overhaul – 11:26
Outfits Overhaul – 13:14
New Settings – 14:42
New Shop + Show-bucks – 15:37
Outro – 19:52

Thanks for watching, Legends 🙂

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Fall Guys Season 1 HUGE Currency Changes Announced – RIP Kudos & Crowns Hello Show Bucks ��

Fall Guys is going free to play, releasing on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox. It is pretty much doing a full relaunch. With that comes huge changes to kudos, crowns, show bucks (primos), and more. You’ll have to watch the video to see if these changes are positive. Just kidding they aren’t good, but you should watch anyways

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How To Get FREE ShowBucks in Fall Guys (NOT A SCAM, LEGIT WAY)

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How to Win Squad Duo Show in The Idol Games | The Idol Games Challanges Fast Completion. I hope you enjoy the video!

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