Relive Halo’s Iconic Main Menus With This Handy Website


Relive Halo’s Iconic Main Menus With This Handy Website

Check out this blast from the past with all of the Halo main menus and theme music viewable in a browser.

Halo 3 Main Menu Music – HD 1080p

Screensaver app for Windows –
Clean version – – Provided by thanks based GameCheat13
Video Files – Soon – use 4k Download atm

Edit 3/05/2016

Watch it in 1080p
We miss you Bungie
I would love to have this as actual screen saver
The soundtrack in Halo 3 bring back so much nostalgia :

Halo Reach Ambient Sounds | Matchmaking Menu

Have searched for this around YouTube a few times, so have decided to rip and upload. Bungie are masters of unnoticeably impactful ambient sounds in their menus and music. The Halo Reach matchmaking menu is both eerie and mysterious and is forever tied to so many memorable matches.

Halo Modded Main Menus

just a quick look at my new custom modded menus few i made myself =]

So i hope you enjoy the video!

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Halo Infinite’s New Music got me like…

I had to make this video – this was literally me when I first heard the new theme. Halo Infinite’s music is so beautiful and nostalgic.

Main theme music:


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I do not own the rights to ‘Interstellar’. All assets are used for parody.

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