New Overwatch Map Blizzard World Given Release Date


New Overwatch Map Blizzard World Given Release Date

Coming January 23 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the new Overwatch update will introduce a theme-park style playground to the game.

Overwatch – New Hyrbrid Map: Blizzard World Trailer

See your favorite gaming memories come to life in Overwatch’s new hybrid map as you attack and defend the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector, and beyond.

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Overwatch Soundtrack – Blizzard World (Winter Wonderland)

Blizzard World | New Overwatch Map

Blizzard World | New Overwatch Map

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This video shows of the new map “Blizzard World” added to Overwatch!

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A Walk Around Blizzard World, Overwatch’s Newest Map

Overwatch’s latest map, Blizzard World pays homage to lots of other games created by Blizzard. We take a trip around to see everything the map has to offer right here.