Lego Princess Peach And New Mario Playsets Coming This August


Lego Princess Peach And New Mario Playsets Coming This August

It may be Mario Day, but Princess Peach is stealing the spotlight with her adorable new Lego playset.

EARLY LEGO Super Mario Bros & Marvel Sets Haul!

Today, I’m sharing with you my unboxing and reaction to some of the play features in these sets because we never saw them in the reveals! Specifically Peach’s Castle has some cool surprises on the back of the box!

Thanks to LEGO / LAN for sending this to me early! Reviews will happen when they happen, I know you’re eager but asking when they’re happening isn’t going to change anything 🙂

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All the New Lego Super Mario characters 2022

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LEGO Super Mario is ready to run and jump in a new real-life game.
Get ready for LEGO® Peach! The newest of the LEGO® Super Mario™ heroes is ready to hang out with friends, battle iconic enemies and take on new adventures with new Expansion Sets. Coming in August of this Year. And that’s not all: Lego Mario Character Packs series 5 are also on their way. There are 8 LEGO Super Mario characters to collect: Nabbit, Purple Toad, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing, Toady, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi and Blue Shy Guy. Each is designed to be used with a Starter Course set (71360, 71387 or 71403)

Lego Mario sets:
Adventures with Peach Starter Course
Adventures with Luigi Starter Course
Adventures with Mario Starter Course
Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set
Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set
Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set
Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set
Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set
Luigi’s Mansion™ Entryway Expansion Set
Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set
Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set
Luigi’s Mansion™ Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set
Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set
Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car Expansion Set
Character Packs – Series 4
Peach’s Castle Expansion Set
Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set
Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set
Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set
Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set
Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set

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LEGO Super Mario Peach Starter Course REVIEW!

I review the Summer 2022 LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course – set 71403. Things bout to be peachy keen.

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Every LEGO Super Mario Set Released in August 2022

Discover a new way to interact with the LEGO Super Mario universe as LEGO Peach makes her debut and new expansion sets provide LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi with more exciting adventures. Here’s a look at the latest LEGO Super Mario sets released in August 2022. Sponsored by The LEGO Group.

The LEGO Super Mario sets released in August 2022 include, Adventures with Peach Starter Course, Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set, Peach’s Castle Expansion Set, Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set, Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set, Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set, Big Bad Island Expansion Set, Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set, and the Series 5 Character Pack.